Karundas Children’s Centre

The Karundas Children’s Centre has 70 residential children aged 3-18 years. Facilities include the House of Joy, started as a home for abandoned babies, and the Rebecca Home caring for HIV-infected and affected children with a highly successful anti-retro viral therapy programme. The Deborah House meets the needs of vulnerable girls facing cultural and social challenges such as forced early marriage, sexual abuse, and neglect. 

Hall Mead School at Karundas provides primary school education to younger children from the Centre as well as poor children from the neighbourhood. As a result, many children receive a formal education which will ultimately help them escape the cycle of poverty. The school has more than 160 students and provides children with breakfast and lunch, uniform and medical care.

Our Families Together community programme has supported more than one hundred families, enabling them to develop micro-enterprise activities that help them to become more self-sustaining and provide for their daily needs.

Kids Alive Boys' Centre

This Home for former street kids cares for more than sixty boys aged between 9 and 18 years. Most of the boys from our Home graduate from high school and have the opportunity to go on and study in college or university. Many of the boys are actively involved in sports and music activities, and enjoy attending Christian youth camps. The Boys' Centre also has a community programme that provides support with education for 60 children from very poor local families.

Kids Alive Nyamarambe Children’s Home

Western Kenya has been badly impacted by the effects of HIV/AIDS and Kids Alive Kenya has been a making a difference in the lives of some of the AIDS orphans in the region. The Nyamarambe Children’s Home, based in a small, rural village in western Kenya, was established in 2004. The Home cares for around 30 orphans and vulnerable children, meeting their physical, social, emotional and educational needs - as well as the loving, nurturing family life that God intended for them. The children also enjoy attending local church, and they love to sing choruses and take part in drama activities!

Mitaboni Children’s Home

This Home, situated about two hours drive from Nairobi, currently cares for more than 60 children, many of them AIDS-orphans that have nowhere else to live. These children attend a local school and enjoy being part of the local church that meets on an adjacent piece of land.

Kids Alive Kenya took on the management of this Home at the beginning of 2010. As well as the residential program we are developing support programs for families in the surrounding community.

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