Vital Resourcing Appeal

Protect - Care - Prepare

Our children need physical protection – without proper fences and walls, the threat of break-ins or worse is never far away in some of the countries we work in.

Safe and reliable supplies of clean water save lives. Increasing populations, development and climate change all conribute to making water supplies increasingly less certain, requiring new boreholes to be drilled, or existing ones made deeper.

Many of these same factors can and do result in increasing food costs. Many of our partners' projects grow crops for food, but that is not not easy for some projects due to the poor quality of the land and the uncertainty of water supplies. Medical care is required for our children, not only immediately after being rescued into our care, but many need ongoing treatments that come with associated costs. 

As well as providing essential care for children NOW – one of the things that we are passionate about is seeing our kids grow to be well equipped for adult life. Helping children progress to strong, faith-filled adult life by providing the most appropriate education or vocational training is a major focus of our overall mission.

It takes money – over and beyond the child sponsorship funding - to pay for college fees,
buy vocational skills workshop equipment and to train staff. We want to create the resources that will allow all our children to have an equal opportunity for a full and productive life in their communities.

This is why we are asking for your help so that, together, we can do MORE.
Please help by giving what you can.

Thank you.

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You can give via online banking

Make a BACS transfer to Sort Code 60-24-37, Account No 13843427. NatWest Bank, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1TN.  Please include the reference '2016Spring'.


You can give through this website:

Donate here


You can write a cheque, payable to Hope for Kids International and send it to:

Hope for Kids International
The GateWay
Addlewell Lane
BA20 1QN

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