2017 Summer Appeal

Stand in the Gap!

Help us raise over £350,000 to provide the immediate needs of over 1,700 kids until sponsors can be found. Together we can help children survive crisis and start the journey toward healing and hope in Jesus.

Our partners stand with us in caring for forgotten, vulnerable, at-risk kids – both in their day-to-day care and in unexpected crises and emergencies. And over the last few months, the unexpected has certainly been a major feature of our ministry.

In South Sudan, tragic famine and renewed tribal fighting have caused food prices to skyrocket, threatening our ability to feed the children in our care and to help little ones starving in the surrounding community. They’ve been going to sleep to the sound of gunfire - and they know what it means to never be quite sure if, tomorrow, there will be anything to eat.

Following the recent severe and deadly flooding in Peru, the Kids Alive facilities have experienced the devastating effects of a lack of access to clean water, and the rising costs of basic necessities, due to roadways being washed out. By its very nature, this kind of disaster gives no warning, and yet our care for the children must continue uninterrupted.

A deadly fire at a government orphanage in Guatemala meant that our Oasis home was called on to create space for six girls pregnant or with babies born to them as a result of incest or other sexual abuse. As you can imagine, their needs are overwhelming and their trauma very complicated…we had no time for any advance planning, but we couldn’t say no.

Will you help raise more than £350,000 for the immediate needs of over 1,700 at-risk children so they can receive the quality care that every child deserves? These funds will help assure that we can care for at-risk kids for a minimum of three months while we find them sponsors.

God willing, in the next few months these kids will have sponsors committed to walking with them each month on the road to successful futures. Until then, they need our help as they start new lives, and we need to show them we believe they’re worth investing in..

Please, help today, either by sponsoring a child who’s still waiting, or with a stand-in-the-gap gift that will meet urgent needs while we wait for sponsors. If you can persuade a friend to sponsor, that would be amazing, too!

Together we can help children survive crisis and start the journey toward healing and hope in Jesus.


You can give via online banking

Make a BACS transfer to Sort Code 60-24-37, Account No 13843427. NatWest Bank, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1TN - if possible, add the reference 'Summer2017'.


you can give via our website: DONATE HERE


You can send a cheque, payable to Hope for Kids International and send it to:

Hope for Kids International
Park House
45 The Park
BA20 1DF

Sponsor a child

You can tell one or more children, “I believe in you” by becoming a sponsor today!

Child Sponsorship is wonderful: for a child to know and exchange letters occasionally with someone thousands of miles away who cares means such a lot to them; for a sponsor to receive a progress report on how the child they are 'investing' in - not just in money but love and prayer as well - is progressing is very rewarding. We recognise, however, that some people do not wish to sponsor a specific child, so we also offer Site Sponsorship. This offers the same material benefit to a child, but without the ongoing relationship aspects. Please include any specific requests when completing the sponsorship page.

Follow this link to our Sponsorship page:SPONSOR A CHILD

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