2018 Summer Appeal - TOOLS FOR LIFE!

Aiming to be a master chef! 

When Pierre arrived in the Dominican Republic, we placed him in a home with other Haitian boys who were refugees following the 2010 earthquake. We tutored him in Spanish until he could enter a regular classroom, where he began to catch up to his peers very quickly. Eventually he was elected sophomore class president in his Dominican public high school, an incredible feat for a Haitian immigrant here.

A natural servant, if Pierre sees work to do he does it. He is often moved to tears out of compassion for others. And he has given his life to Jesus, the source of his hope.

Pierre is a very good soccer player and cook, and his dream is to attend culinary school after graduating from high school.

A bright future is ahead for this amazing young man, yet another story of hope breaking through the darkness.

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Allowed to dream

Unlike many children we serve in Zambia, both of Angela’s* parents are alive. But the family lives in extreme poverty, as her parents depend on earnings from odd jobs just to survive. Sometimes her father works as a fisherman, usually only catching a few fish to sell. It is not unusual for this family to have only one meal a day, often surviving on less. And with limited access to clean water and health care, daily life is a challenge, and as with so many families we encounter, a hopeful future is just a dream.

Angela is grateful for the opportunity to attend Kids Alive Academy, Mongu, where she is currently in 2nd grade. Not only does she love school, she looks forward to the healthy lunch she receives every day. Every child is taught God’s Word daily, and Angela has already learned the Lord’s Prayer as well as many Bible stories.

In a devastated community, an education can make the difference in a child’s ability to break cycles of poverty, abuse, and violence, so we are thankful for the privilege of providing an education to this sweet girl and her classmates. Hope is more powerful than darkness, and Angela is proving this every day!

* name changed to protect privacy

In Lebanon, we want to expand the practical skill workshop programme to go beyond carpentry, gardening and maintenance and explore work experience placements.

In South Sudan, we have boys enrolled on car mechanics courses at a local vocational school, and we’d like to send some of the street kids that we’ve helped to be released from prison on similar courses.

In Kenya, we’re keen to add to the range of vocational courses young people are enrolled on to include welding, plumbing, electrical, catering, food processing and more.

In Zambia, children are already participating in food production on the campuses, and we want to add more core skills and opportunities in catering, car mechanics, computer technology and more.

There is so much we CAN do – we just need the resources to give these kids tools and opportunities to prepare them for life. Without your help, the grinding poverty will continue fpr too many kids.


Whatever you can offer will be used to help young people like Pierre and Angela fulfil their dreams and make significant strides out of poverty.  Thank you so much.

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