Support for Advanced Education

Our young people study hard to achieve in school
Our young people study hard to achieve in school

Getting a good education in Kenya is essential to enable our children to break the cycle of poverty. But many children in Kenya do not have this opportunity. Schools are often overcrowded and, in many cases, academic standards are weak.

Kids Alive Kenya is committed to providing a high-quality education to its children. This means that we try to place children in the best schools available. To help with this, we have established an Advanced Education Fund to help transition the children under our care into well-trained, independent, healthy adults that make a positive impact in their society. The Advanced Education Fund will help provide scholarships for qualified students attending high school, university and/or vocational training, as well as help cover some of their living expenses. Beneficiaries of the Advanced Education Fund may be studying to become doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants, managers, engineers, information technology professionals, and other skilled professions. They may also be learning valuable vocational skills such as woodworking, sewing, mechanical repair, and construction.

Our goal is to enable the children in the Kids Alive Kenya programmes to access and complete their studies. It will enable children coming from the poorest of backgrounds to achieve a level of education that will help them make a long-term positive impact in their communities by instilling in them the belief that they can “be a blessing to others”.

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