Giving girls like Mercy a new start in 2019!

Join us on the front line of caring for the most vulnerable, as we help to bring God’s love, care and healing to each child. Every child we care for – those who live with us and those who are able to remain at home – has his or her own story of abuse, poverty, disease, or abandonment. Each one needs a different level of care and a different set of interventions. And each child is grateful for your compassion and for the way you serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Read Mercy’s story, about the experiences no child should have to endure and how, with love from the staff at Kids Alive Kenya, she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady, praising God and dreaming big! Click here for Mercy’s story and how you can join in helping more precious children like her.

"Bringing positive and lasting change"... "having an impact"... "wise stewardship"... "accountability to donors".

We know these things are hugely important to you - just as they are to us!  Our appeals seek to make you aware of the priority needs, the areas where we crave to see lives changed. We're here to connect your God-given compassion and desire to help with the children and communities we serve around the world.

We're not standing still - we HAVE to do MORE - there are still too many children who lack the opportunities that kids in the West have.

Our field partners want to do more, often in an economic environment where money doesn’t buy what it used to – where they constantly look to God to enable a few “loaves and fishes” to feed another desperately needy child or single mother.

Please take a look at the appeals below - our latest appeal is shown first - we'd love you to join in being a change-bringer.

Summer Appeal 2018 - Tools for Life

As our name suggests, we’re all about giving hope to kids. But it’s not just hope for the short term – it’s hope for life beyond the children’s programmes as they transition to adulthood. 

Bringing hope is about encouraging opportunity – and providing tools for life.

Quality education is the main game-changer for helping at-risk kids, communities and nations out of poverty. That's why it features in all our care for children, but there's still more we can do..

In many of our programmes, we want to give much more in the way of practical skills to our children: things like carpentry, crop cultivation, vehicle maintenance, welding, plumbing, electrical, catering, food processing, computer technology.. This is happening in some countries, and we're keen to see it happen everywhere we serve.

And we're involving other people and organisations as well - we're finding companies that will offer work experience, internships and apprenticeships.

There is so much we CAN do – we just need the resources to give ALL our kids key opportunities to prepare them for life. Read more here and please help us with your gift.

Spring 2018 - Share the Love

Say “I believe in you!” to an orphan or vulnerable child. There’s no more rewarding way to say “I love you” – in any language – than to give the gift of hope to a vulnerable child in God's name.

Read the story of “Baby John”, our little “lost boy” who was brought to Kids Alive Lilato Children’s Home in Zambia. He's just one of the thousands who, through your investment, can experience a resurrection of hope! Help us deliver that hope! CLICK HERE

Syrian Refugee Children Appeal

In a crisis that started in the Spring of 2011, a whole generation of Syria’s refugee children is in jeopardy. In the countries bordering Syria - including Lebanon – assistance with health, nutrition and shelter takes priority over educating Syria’s kids. In Lebanon, less than a quarter of Syrian children are enrolled in formal education.

Kids Alive Lebanon has, in the name of Jesus Christ, been rescuing and helping vulnerable kids in Beirut for more than 65 years! They’re used to the effects of war, violence and poverty on these children. But the mix of other nation’s kids in one place is a wonderful expression of what it means to be part of a ‘global community’ - even if it is under challenging conditions!

At Dar El Awlad, Kids Alive Lebanon already helps over 50 Syrian refugee children and their families. In 2014, they adapted buildings to make classrooms to take more Syrian kids into theirschool programmes. But they need help from Kids Alive International’s partners around the world. More

Medical Appeal

Medical care is just one of the vital wayin which Hope for Kids International, with our Kids Alive International partners, helps restore children and communities towards wholeness.

Despite determined global progress in reducing child deaths as a result of the United Nations Millenium Development Goals initiative, in sub-Saharan Africa, one in nine children dies before the age of five, more than 16 times the average for developed regions.

Click here to find out more.

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