South Sudan

Baby Support Project in Wau UNMISS Refugee Camp

In South Sudan, many people have been forced to flee their own homes due to what seems like a never-ending civil war. In 2019 there were over 30,000 refugees (or ‘internally displaced persons’) cramped into one UN Refugee Camp in the Wau region. Surrounded by high walls, barbed wire and security look out points, people try to survive and make a living in some of the worst conditions imaginable, with poor access to water, sanitation and electricity. At least they are safe from the fighting.

It is especially difficult for young mothers with babies, many of whom who are too malnourished to feed their babies properly or have challenges in breast feeding or providing enough milk due to multiple births.

One small way we try to help is by working with the Minister of Gender to identify the most vulnerable of these mothers and babies and provide them with powdered milk. The programme supports babies of differing ages from birth to 24 months. These babies have so much to overcome and must battle diseases such as cholera, malaria and sickness such as diarrhoea.

It may not seem a lot, but it makes such a difference to the both the babies and the mothers’ well-being, providing a small piece of hope in truly horrendous circumstances.

Imagine having triplets in a refugee camp!

In the first photo, this mother is supported with milk for her triplets, as she could not provide sufficient milk for them all. The powdered mil we provide is literally a lifeline to all of them.

In the second photo, the lady holding the baby on the right is actually this grandmother. She has had to look after her grandchild as the mother had died in child birth in the village. The family had relocated to the UN Camp so that they could bring up their child in a more secure place.

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