Back to School?

Dear Friends,

In manycountries around the world, it saddens us to see many children that simply do not have the opportunities most kids in the UK have. Children in the poorest communities around the world – in Kenya, Peru, Lebanon, Haiti – have little hope. Their chance of escaping the misery and poverty that dominates their lives is slim – because they do not receive an education. Kids who don’t know how to write are practically sentenced to a life of poverty.

We are passionate about seeing kids reach their full potential. We want to help children get “back to school”.

Pauline (pictured right) is an example of a child that needed help. Before she came to our Hall Mead School in Kenya, her illiterate parents struggled to provide for her and her siblings. Now she is guaranteed an education that can help her – and her family – escape the devastating cycle of poverty.

Please prayerfully consider supporting our “Back to School” appeal so that we can help more children like Pauline.

Your gift will help children that desperately want to get “back to school”. With your help these boys and girls will have the chance to learn essential skills like reading, writing and mathematics, receive a daily meal - and hear more about a God who loves them and offers them hope and a future.

Thank you for your partnership with us as we help to get hundreds more children like Pauline “back to school”!

DONATE and help a child get BACK TO SCHOOL!

£30 will enable a child to wear a school uniform and shoes

£50 will help provide a class of children with vital school books

£104 will allow a primary-aged child to go to school for a full year

Or make a gift to be used to help as many children as possible!


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