'Back to School?' Resource for Schools

A new school year is starting! Children are going "back to school", settling in to new classes and getting to know their teachers. A busy year, with lots of new things to learn, lies ahead!

Hope for Kids  is committed to helping orphans and vulnerable children around the world reach their full potential. Many of the children that we work with have lived on the streets, or in extreme poverty, and need support in going “back to school”.

The resources in our Education Pack are designed to raise awareness of the lack of education for many children around the world by looking in particular at a school in Kenya. We hope that this will inspire children to be concerned for the needs of others in another country of the world!

You can also download a special set of PowerPoint slides containing pictures and resources by clicking here or on the picture (below right).

Contents in the Pack:
Did You Know…?
Facts about education
Facts & figures
Finding Out More about Kenya
: Map & flag
Hall Mead School, Kenya:
How is it different?
Meet Dennis!
Find out about a child’s day
What did You Do at School Today?
Compare with Kenya
Sticks and Stones:
Games & other activities
Fun Activities
: Songs & food
Word Search
Learning to Help Others:
What the Bible says
Make a Difference!
Help send a child to school!

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