Carbon Offsetting

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Hope for Kids International has partnered with Climate Stewards to offer our supporters the opportunity to take seriously God's call to be good stewards of the fragile planet that we inhabit.  All of us have a 'carbon footprint'. All of us contribute to climate change resulting from carbon-based emissions. All of us can do something about it.

Reducing our footprint is a first step. Offsetting is the next best option, with Climate Stewards partnering in places like Kenya to bring multiple benefits to poor communities around the world. For instance, in Kenya, Climate Stewards supports their partner to provide fuel-efficient cookstoves, water filters and solar lights at subsidised prices. Women and children spend less time collecting wood, money spent on fuel is saved and health is improved.

The Climate Stewards website has lots more information - including a carbon offset calculator that you can use for your own lifestyle choices and offers you the opportunity to donate to Climate Stewards to directly support their partner projects.

Hope for Kids International's response is to offer our short-term teams, individual volunteers and staff the opportunity to carbon offset their air travel. Each individual's return flight will have an offset contribution added to the cost of the trip . This contribution will be optional, but we are hoping that most people will be happy to play their part in good stewardship. The offset contributions will be passed directly to Climate Stewards, for application to projects in the countries that both organisations are supporting.

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