Casa Ester

Casa Ester grew out of a realisation that many girls who came out of our Oasis Centre did not have a safe family to live with when they became 18 years of age. The emotional scars from their sexual abuse and exploitation are still with them as they begin to navigate adulthood and independence.

In the safe and supportive environment of Casa Ester, these young women are enrolled in school, learn skills that will benefit them personally and vocationally, and continue in our discipleship programmes. For those coming as a mother with a child, we facilitate education and career support while ensuring the child is enrolled in school.

In our Estercitas program, we also support young women who cannot live independently due to cognitive disabilities.

We currently have 22 young ladies in our Casa Ester program and six in Estercitas.

We hope to give all of them the best chance possible to be fruitful, confident members of their communities and families.

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Casa Ester: A story of hope

Natalia’s story*

Natalia* grew up in a children’s home that is not affiliated with Kids Alive, one that had no transition to independent living. Fortunately, the ministry where she lived heard about Casa Ester and called us to see if Natalia could enrol. After an interview process, we welcomed her and she joined our ministry.

She had a difficult first year, learning a whole new “family” while working and studying, but in the midst of this pressure she thrived. And after completing a two-year accounting degree, she had the extraordinary opportunity to complete a practicum at the Guatemalan Association for Autism.

She used her accounting skills in this practicum by supporting the office with settlements, archiving financial documents, and studying under the director of the program, and soon she was offered a full-time position with the Association. She will continue to study accounting at university while she is working.

Natalia is thankful for the ministry of Casa Ester, as it helped launch her more confidently in the direction of her gifts and dreams. We are proud of her and congratulate her on what she has accomplished through her hard work and determination!

* name changed to protect privacy

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