Dominican Republic

Park School

Park School is located in a community populated with Dominicans and Haitians. Kids Alive Dominican Republic began here in 2005 with 65 children and now has more than 120 students attending daily. This programme is continually expanding, with a focus on teaching basic education skills such as reading, maths and biblical understanding. Additionally, each student receives a hot lunch, which is often their primary meal for the day. We hope to expand this ministry to care for several hundred more children in the years to come, with additional vocational programmes such as sewing, mechanics and computers.

Palo Blanco School

The Palo Blanco School offers newly constructed facilities with an ever-growing children’s programme. The young children attend a pre-school class held on weekday mornings to prepare them for Kindergarten.  In the afternoons, children from the public school come to the Centre for a healthy lunch and opportunities for educational enrichment in reading, writing, Bible class, English, crafts and tutoring.

Casa Monte Plata Children’s Home & Eva Russell School

Eva Russell was a Canadian missionary who inspired Ramon and Juana Prenza, citizens of the Dominican Republic, to start a programme for the children in Monte Plata. In 1984, the Prenzas opened a school in a rented house for about 20 children. The Eva Russell School has since expanded by purchasing neighbouring properties and creating additional classrooms, computer rooms and a clinic for more than 170 students.

After starting the Eva Russell school, Ramon and Juana Prenza encountered children who were abandoned, orphaned, or abused. What started as a small outreach has grown in the last few years, with four children’s homes to provide shelter and care for approximately 25 children. An additional home is under construction to allow this ministry to provide care for 40 children. Christian staff meet the emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual needs of each child and a high priority is placed on helping the child create a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ark Constanza Children’s Home and School

The Ark Constanza Children’s Home provides residential care to more than 40 children in loving, family-style homes.The School, originally started as a care centre in a small, rented building, currently serves more than 200 students.

Ark Jarabacoa Children’s Home

The Ark at Jarabacoa was founded in 1987 and has been an ever-growing ministry. Currently, there are eight Children’s Homes which house ten children each.  The campus consists of houses, a chapel, an office, and outdoor recreation spaces. The Ark nurtures a relationship between the child and their house parents, and focuses on raising active disciples of Jesus Christ.

ANIJA Campus

The mission for ANIJA is spelled out in its Spanish acronym, “Helping the Children of Jarabacoa.” Beginning over 20 years ago as a care centre, ANIJA has grown to include a school, care centre, staff housing and offices. Currently, over 350 children from pre-Kindergarten through to eighth grade follow a standard Dominican curriculum as well as English, computers and art. The ANIJA Centre After-School Programme provides lunch, homework assistance, and other activities such as crafts, sports, and Bible lessons.

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