Families Together

Nothing is more heartbreaking than when a single mother, grandmother or other relative comes to one of our programmes because she can’t feed her children or grandchildren, and tearfully asks if we can take them in and care for them. In Africa, the HIV/AIDS pandemic often means that both parents are dead, and it is left to a grandmother to care for her grandchildren. Without help, these children can become malnourished and sick. Many are forced to live on the streets, in constant danger of being victimized or having to turn to prostitution or other criminal behaviour just to survive.

Through our Families Together programme, we reach out and help many more children  in their own homes. We provide support to  poor single parents, grandparents or other relatives, thus enabling them to take care of their children or grandchildren. This initiative helps poor children who have a home and someone to take care of them when there just aren't resources to meet the needs of the child and his or her family. 

Through our Families Together programme:

  • Children receive an education;
  • Parents or grandparents get help in developing income generating activities - helping them become self-sustaining;
  • Parents and their children can stay together;
  • Both children and adults receive Christian spiritual nurture;
  • Communities see Christ's love in action!
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