FAQ about our Finances

Is there a risk that money sent overseas will be lost or not used appropriately?

Hope for Kids International is committed to maintaining high standards in the way funds are used. We work alongside trusted partners in the countries where we serve. We monitor use of the money that we send overseas very closely, and we get detailed financial reports that show how every penny that we send is spent. An external, independent examination of our finances is carried out each year.  We are able to say with confidence that the funds we send to overseas projects are used appropriately.

How is my money used? How much is spent in the UK?

There’s a lot that Hope for Kids does in the UK specifically in relation to stewarding your gifts responsibly and transparently:

  • we record and process all income and expenditure;
  • we ensure that funds are sent to the relevant beneficiaries as efficiently as possible;
  • we obtain and provide feedback on how donations have been used;
  • we process and send children’s letters, progress reports, etc. to sponsors and project donors;
  • we reclaim any applicable gift aid from HM Revenue & Customs;
  • and we report in various ways as required by our Board of Trustees and the Charity Commission.

Towards resourcing all that activity, we use a small portion of your donation, no more than 15%, often less. Additionally, we use a proportion of Gift Aid that we have reclaimed from HM Revenue & Customs - our stated policy is that Gift Aid amounts received from HMRC may be used on any programmatic needs or for the operating costs of the charity. We may also use some of our ‘Unrestricted’ income, where no specific request has been made for how the gift is to be used.

Unrestricted funds are also used to cover the cost of fundraising and for the very modest governance costs involved in running the charity. We are committed to keeping the cost of fundraising and governance to a minimum proportion of our overall expenditure.

How will you report on how your supporters’ gifts are used?

Our promise is to be honest with, and accountable to, our supporters. Our annual Trustees Annual Report and Accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission annually. This report is also made available on our website. Every sponsor and donor will receive a summary of our financial report. And we are committed to responding in a clear, transparent and respectful manner to any member of the public that asks us a question about our spending or how we manage our finances.

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding our finances!

Our 2018 Trustees Annual Report and Financial Statements document has been submitted to the Charity Commission. Download it here. (Original is signed)

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