The Oasis

The Oasis is a residential home for girls that have experienced terrible situations in their lives. Although none of the Oasis girls are true orphans, all have been abandoned or abused. Most were forced into child labour, experienced physical and sexual abuse, and often all three. They come to the Oasis with the scars of exploitation, and need a great deal of care and support from our committed staff.
At the Oasis, the girls reside in an environment where they can live in family units with Guatemalan house parents. They also attend school (many for the first time) and have access to therapy to heal emotional scars. Central to their home at the Oasis is the knowledge that they are loved, protected and introduced to Jesus - who can provide the true healing that they need.

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Source of Hope Care Centre

The Source of Hope Care Centre opened its doors in July, 2006, in the town of Zapote – a remote area where food, work, and education are scarce. This ministry is a partnership between Kids Alive Guatemala and Iglesia Galilea, a local church. It began with forty preschool children and has since grown to 100 children from preschool to fourth grade. Here they receive a solid education, health services and a nutrition programme – often the only meals they receive each day. A new building has just been completed where we plan to expand to sixth grade and develop community outreach programmes. Kids Alive Guatemala and Iglesia Galilea are working to develop nutrition, education and discipleship programmes for the children and their parents - we believe that the Gospel can transform this village!

La Arquilla

Everyday, girls as young as 10-14 years old are finding themselves pregnant due to rape and abuse. La Arquilla (basket in Spanish) is a new ministry to these girls and their babies. Just as God remained faithful and protected Moses when his mother placed him in La Arquilla in love, we endeavour to provide a safe haven for these girls and their children - to help them heal, provide them with a loving home, an education and parenting skills and to protect them from the evils of oppressive poverty and abuse.

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