Haiti Children's Village

A new Home under construction....
A new Home under construction....

The Children’s Village, which opened in May 2012, will eventually be home to over 80 children. Many of them lost parents or caregivers in the 2010 earthquake and need a safe, loving home to help them recover. Some children have been abandoned by their families because of their extreme poverty which was only made worse by the earthquake. Children at this Village are cared for by loving Christian house parents, educated at our school, and provided nutritious meals, medical care and everything they need to break the cycle of poverty. They are also introduced to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, giving them hope for a better future!

Philip's Place

In 2004 Kids Alive opened its first Haitian children’s home, Philip’s Place, but after less than a month it was forced to relocate due to a revolution sweeping the north of Haiti. Despite the turmoil and chaos, the children of this home have found peace by praying and studying the Bible. The home is known for Christian hymns and choruses which often can be heard by anyone passing its front gate!

Nate's Place

Nate’s Place children’s home is located next to Philip’s Place in Cap Haitien and currently cares for ten children. It was begun through the support of family and friends of two vibrant young Christians, both of whom were named Nate, who passed away tragically.

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