Karundas Children’s Home

Karundas Children’s Home, is about a three hours drive north of the capital city of Nairobi. Set in a 50-acre farm, approximately 45 children between the ages of 4 and 18 years live and thrive. There are four separate houses where we provide loving care for children who desperately need a stable home.

Most of them came to us as infants, with many of them having been abandoned or orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Sadly, most of them are HIV-positive. We have also taken in vulnerable girls from surrounding communities, who were especially at risk from under-age marriage, sexual abuse and lack of education.

Loving caregivers act as surrogate parents, offering stability and love that the kids desperately need.

Though residential care is necessary for some children, we work hard to re-integrate the majority back into their family when it is safe to do so. We offer support, encouragement, and training through our Families Together programme, strengthening local families so they can remain together when it is safe. Currently, there are 16 families participating in this programme, and we hope to reunite more children with family in the future.

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Karundas Children’s Home: A story of hope

Mary’s* story

Mary* first came to us as a three-year-old in 2004. Like so many children we encounter, her life was forever changed by the AIDS crisis in Kenya. She was HIV positive, and her mother decided she could not care for her any longer. Abandoned, alone, and physically weak, there seemed to be little hope for Mary until she entered our programme.

Kids Alive’s Karundas Home gave Mary a safe place to live, healthy food, medical care, and other resources she didn’t have before. Now she has grown into a beautiful young lady who loves God and is thankful to have been rescued.

She has recently graduated from high school and plans to study to become an Interior Designer. What an amazing work God has done in her life!

* name changed to protect privacy

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