Keeping Families Together Programme

This excellent programme enables us to care for very vulnerable children who are still living with at least one parent or grandparent, but where they are struggling to look after them. In Africa, it is often a widowed grandmother who steps in when a child is abandoned or orphaned – or a single mother who has lost her husband. More often than not they literally have no earnings to feed and care for the child, never mind buy them a school uniform or supplies.

Rather than taking them away from that environment, we help the child and their family in various ways. This could be by placing them in one of our schools, or ensuring they are educated in a state school. We may help them buy a school uniform and/or supplies for school. We often provide a meal a day and basic medical care (many are HIV).

Quite often the Keeping Families Together programme will go even further and help the family directly, such as general health care. We may even help them start an income-generating project of their own. If so, we would provide the necessary training to get started and the seed capital. Being able to provide for their family also provides self-respect and dignity.

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