Dar El Awlad Children’s Home

“Dar El Awlad” (which means “The Children’s Home” in Arabic) is Kids Alive’s current longest running program – almost 70 years old. The Dar El Awlad Children’s Home provides a home for 30 vulnerable boys who have been orphaned or are from families too poor to care for them. Though the boys come from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds, all of our staff members are Christians who are committed to modeling and sharing the love of Jesus.

Between the ages of 4-18 years old, these boys live in family-style apartments. Each unit has bedrooms, a kitchen, a sitting room, and they share facilities such as a chapel and outdoor play space. Kids Alive is privileged to give the boys shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education, and a house mother who loves them and makes the house a real home. Those in younger grades attend school on the Kids Alive campus, while older students attend schools in Beirut.

Our older boys, aged 15 and over, live in one apartment on campus called the “Bell House.” Here they receive love and support from our Older Boys Supervisor as they transition to independence – learning and experiencing the freedom and responsibility that come with adulthood and living on their own.

Most of the care for the boys is provided by national staff, but missionaries also lend support. We encourage Service Teams to come and share their skills with this ministry! Your support is vital, as we provide quality, holistic care to at-risk boys and young men this volatile part of the world.

Dar El Awlad School & The Oasis

Our school has 75 children – one third from the Home and two thirds from impoverished families living in and around Beirut. A significant number of these are Syrian, Iraqi, and Sudanese refugees.

Many of our boys at the Dar El Awlad Home come to us several years behind in their education. Others have learning problems that make it difficult for them to cope with the stress of studying in a mainstream government school. Dar El Awlad School was started in the late 1990s to address these challenges and help with the education of community children from many different nationalities.

Each class has a limited number of students, 12 or fewer, so that every child receives plenty of personal attention and help with studies. The walls of Dar El Awlad School are painted with bright colors – most unusual for a Lebanese school – making for a fun and stimulating learning environment. Our school also has a library and an outdoor playground area.

In addition to the basics of mathematics, English, and Arabic, the children study art and music. Computing and other practical skills are another part of the curriculum. Nutritious lunches, sports, and devotions are also offered as we seek to support the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of each student. And there are great opportunities for missionaries to come and serve here as teachers!

The Dar El Awlad School is making a difference for children who would otherwise fall through the cracks in Lebanese society. Not only does education give them tools to become independent, successful adults, but reduces the likelihood that they will fall prey to extremism. Most importantly, Kids Alive is ministering to them with the love of Christ.

The Oasis

In November of 2014, we had the privilege of opening a new center, The Oasis, specifically for Syrian refugee children. The new students need intensive academic help, since many have been out of school due to the war and most cannot speak English.

Kids Alive is helping Syrian refugees in two ways. At The Oasis, we are providing an education, food, and daily care to 80 children in our school and care center programs. We have also been working with our other partners in Lebanon to provide support to refugee families that urgently need help.

Students at The Oasis have recently had the opportunity to work with the Foundation for Forgiveness and Reconciliation, which has taught them that not only is forgiveness a sign of strength, but also that retaliation and revenge only continue cycles of violence. Given education, support, and encouragement, this generation can help put an end to a culture of violence and regret.

Your generous support helps to provide for the urgent needs of refugee children and give them new hope for the future. We at The Oasis are witnessing the life and promise it brings to this generation of kids who cannot receive an education elsewhere.

View a short video from the school below.

The Moses Basket Care Centre

The Moses Basket, established in 2002, caters for children from needy families living in the local community. The children in this programme range in age from six months to four years. Placing the children in our care centre program enables poor families to find and retain work, knowing that their children are being well-cared for. The ten children in this programme arrive early in the morning and are able to stay until late afternoon. During the day the older children are given the opportunity to learn their colours, shapes, letters, and begin to count, as well as participate in a range of games and other activities, including Bible stories and songs.

The New Horizons Centre

Established in 2010, the New Horizons Centre is our newest project and is operated in partnership with two other local organizations. It is based in the town of Zahrani, just south of Sidon.

The goal of the Centre is to meet the needs of families in the local Gypsy and Bedouin communities, which are extremely needy people groups. Kids Alive Lebanon runs the education programme operating in the centre. Up to 30 children between the ages of five and eight regularly attend this programme daily.

A dental clinic has also been opened, offering free dental care to families within the community, and a medical clinic will open soon with the first project being a vaccination program.

A sewing project offering vocational training for woman is another programme offered by the Centre, designed to help them earn a small income and their families to become more self-sufficient. 

View a short video from the New Horizons Centre below.

Home of Serenity for Girls

After the Dar El Awlad Boys’ Home was founded in Beirut in 1948, Kids Alive supporters often asked, “But what about the girls?” This need finally led to the opening of the Home of Serenity for Girls (Beit El Safa Girls’ Home) in the Shouf Mountains outside Beirut in 1996.

The buildings of Serenity Home are on a beautiful site which houses bedrooms, meeting rooms and a large dining room. Girls in the Home range from four years old through to high school age. Some of the girls have brothers in our Dar El Awlad programmes. All the needs of the girls are met — housing, food, clothing, and medical care — and they attend a nearby local school for their education. Most importantly, they are introduced to Jesus and shown what it means to live for Christ on a day-to-day basis.

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