Medical Care

Basic medical care is a primary need not only for our residential children but also for children and adults living in surrounding communities. For this reason, medical care has become part of our outreach programmes in many places. Children come to our medical clinics to receive treatment for malnutrition, poor hygiene, dysentery, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other deadly diseases.

Among the most important services provided by our clinics are preventive treatments such as vaccinations, regular child check-ups, hygiene education, dental care, prenatal care and child birth information. This preventive intervention not only saves lives, but often reduces the need for later emergency treatment.

Short-term Team members that have medical expertise play an important role in providing medical care through the clinics. A volunteer group of visiting nurses, dentists or hygienists can – in just a few days – provide care that is life-changing for hundreds of children in poor communities.

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