Medical Appeal

A Primary Need

Like education, basic medical care is a primary need both for our residential children and for children and adults in surrounding communities. For this reason, medical care has become an outreach in many of the places where Kids Alive works.

Children not enrolled in a Kids Alive residential or education programme come to our clinics daily to receive treatment for malnutrition, poor hygiene, dysentery, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other potentially lethal diseases.

Among the most important services provided by Kids Alive clinics are preventive treatments such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, hygiene education, dental care, prenatal care and child birth information. These preventive interventions not only save lives, but often reduce the need for later emergency treatment for children and mothers.

Not Always Obvious: Mental Health

It's not just the obvious things that we care for: some of our children face invisible - and equally hard to endure - emotional and mental health issues, perhaps scars from war or abuse. Staff are trained to spot the signs of such conditions, but more in-depth and properly trained support is not always readily available for what is too often seen by governments as a lower priority 'need'. We would like to be able to do more to address this key element of what it means to be fully human.

£3,000 Raised in 2013

Our 2013 Medical Appeal raised over £3,000 to provide vital medical support - equipment, supplies and staff - where it's needed. We're already helping to make a big difference and progress is being made - but the needs are massive.

Although 2013 has passed, PLEASE respond as generously as you can using the link below or see our contact details at the upper right corner of the web page.

If you want to know more, please get in touch.

£12 helps provide medical care for six children for a month

£25.00 towards a month's worth of consumables for a medical clinic

£60.00 to help fund a mobile clinic's fuel cost for a month

£150.00 to part-fund a nurse's salary serving our homes and the nearby communities

Sponsor A Child

Hope for Kids International works 'holistically' for the children in our care, meeting physical, social and spiritual needs. Meeting a child's medical needs is just part of what a Child Sponsor provides when they sponsor a child. Child Sponsorship is a great way of engaging positively with the issues of poverty and injustice in this presently unfair world. If you're not already, why not consider being a Child Sponsor with us? Find out more by clicking here.

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