Nantou Childrens Home

Our Nantou home is located in the city of Puli. The kids here typically come from unstable or dysfunctional backgrounds, and we strive to create a family-like atmosphere where they will feel the security they lacked before coming to us. Many need time and space to heal from traumatic experiences.

There are currently 41 children living at Nantou. In addition to the residential homes, we have a chapel, offices, and playground space. We offer our children a solid, Christ-centred education, medical care, and healthy meals; our programming and facilities reflect our goal to care for each child holistically.

Though government approval has been slow, we hope to soon add staff housing, a parking lot, basketball courts, a computer classroom, and more. Waiting can be difficult, but we trust that God is working through us in Puli as we seek to reach children who would otherwise feel discarded.

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