COVID updates - watch our webinars

  • Zambia

    Here is an update from our Zambia Country Director, Chantry Mweemba - things are very difficult in Zambia right now due to a combination of lockdown and a severe famine. 

  • Lebanon

    Click on the button below to watch a video of our Lebanon Country Director, Denise Dagher, take us through what is happening with our work over there during lockdown. Very inspiring!

  • Guatemala

    Corbey Dukes takes us through our work in Guatemala and how his team and the children they serve are responding to the pandemic. 

  • Haiti

    It's tough in Haiti right now, as Robensen explains. Watch the video to see how our supporters are enabling us to respond.  

  • Peru

    Another country in lockdown. Country Director, Dan Anderson, provides some really helpful insights into what is happening and how the kids we serve are being affected.

  • Dominican Republic

    For a country that is culturally used to lots of human contact, lockdown is especially difficult. Vic and Leslie take us through how the kids are coping.


It has been especially tough in Kenya, where locust plagues have wrecked harvests, causing a surge in food prices. To make matters worse, the Government have imposed a 15% tax on most foods at a time when the whole country is in lockdown. Here is an update from Purity as to how we're responding.

Posted by Tim Hunt on May 15th 2020

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