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Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength ~ Nehemiah 8:10

Our prayer guide for this month takes us to Kenya!

Kenya is a country in eastern Africa and is situated over the equator. The terrain is large and diverse; the area extends from Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana, and further southeast to the Indian Ocean.

Hope for Kids and Kids Alive currently provide an education, nutritious meals, medical care, and the love of Christ to 151 children in four residential homes and 350 children in our school.

Did You Know

  • After coffee, Kenya’s biggest income generator is tourism.
  • For the Kenyans, however, coffee is considered an export product, not something for local consumption. The local favourites are tea and beer.
  • 42% of its population of 44 million, live below the poverty line.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is only one doctor and 12 nurses or midwives per 10,000 people in Kenya.
  • More than 3 million Kenyans are HIV-positive

Our care centres and schools:

  • Karundas Children’s Centre
  • Hall Mead School
  • Kids Alive Boys' Centre
  • Kids Alive Nyamarambe Children’s Home
  • Mitaboni Children’s Home

Karundas Children’s Centre

In four separate houses, we provide loving care for children who desperately need a stable home for approximately 60 children between the ages of 4-18.

Some of the children come to us as infants, often orphaned or abandoned by parents due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Sadly, many of the children in our care are HIV-positive. We also take in vulnerable girls from surrounding communities who would otherwise face cultural and social challenges such as underage marriage, sexual abuse, and lack of education. 

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Hall Mead School

In 2006, a group of young people from Hall Mead School in England completely renovated a former stable into a school for our children at Karundas Children’s Home. Hence, the school was named in their honour. 

The school provides nursery and primary school education for our younger residential children from Karundas, along with poor children from the surrounding communities. In addition to a quality education, these kids receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch, uniforms, school supplies, and medical care.  

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Kids Alive Boys' Centre

Located near Mt. Kenya, the Kids Alive Boys’ Home provides residential care to nearly 70 boys between the ages of 4 and 18. There are three houses where all of them experience a loving, stable home environment. Each boy attends a local school and most of them graduate from high school. 

Boys in this home come from all over the country and a good number came from the streets, having run away from extreme circumstances. Due to their previous lifestyles in the streets, many of them are HIV-positive. All have a need for stability and healing from past difficulties. 

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Kids Alive Nyamarambe Children’s Home

The Nyamarambe Children’s home opened in 2004 in partnership with a local church whose leadership saw the needs of poor and vulnerable children in the area. Even in remote villages, HIV/AIDS has taken its toll, leaving the orphaned or abandoned struggling to survive. Upon opening, the home for both boys and girls quickly filled as two dozen children and loving, Christian house parents became a family. 

Nyamarambe is still the smallest of our homes in Kenya, but we now care for 30 children between the ages of 3 and 18 in two separate houses. Because many of them were rescued from traumatic cult abuse, we believe it is important to keep the home sizes as small as possible.

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Mitaboni Children’s Home

Our Mitaboni Home cares for 60 boys and girls, ranging in age from 5 to 18. The majority of the children are orphans and came from the very poorest living conditions. For some, receiving one meal a day wasn’t even likely, and Kids Alive has made it possible for them not just to survive, but thrive. 

While caring for their physical needs is crucial, the staff is committed to the spiritual growth of the children. It is a joy to see the older ones begin to lead worship or help with the younger children in Sunday school classes. The Mitaboni staff is grateful to see these kids growing and serving God and others. 

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Joseph's Story

Joseph* came to our home three years ago. He had been living with his mother and siblings in one of the slums of a nearby town, where he was typically out begging on the streets just to find food. Most of the time he was absent from school. Then his mother died, leaving him whit an elderly grandmother who did not have the ability to care for him adequately, so we were asked to help.

Since his arrival, Joseph has greatly improved in his health and his outlook on life. He found a loving family, knows that he is safe, and is enjoying getting to know the other boys. Despite being far behind academically, he is doing well in school. 

He has joined our Sunday school team, where he loves singing and was recently baptised. Joseph's situation could easily have ended in hopelessness, but once he was offered love, attention, and safety, his whole world changed. The future is looking bright for this precious young boy! 

How can you pray for Kenya this month?

Pray for:

  • Staff and their families who are experiencing challenging circumstances and spiritual warfare
  • That Kids Alive Kenya will find favour with the government as we seek to meet ever-changing requirements in education, facilities, etc. and that we will act with wisdom.
  • Our children’s emotional and spiritual healing and direction, that it will be continual and not just seasonal
  • God’s provision for the many funding challenges as we seek to minister to more children 

Thank you!

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~ The Hope for Kids Team 

*Name changed to protect privacy 

Posted by Chantelle Duckworth on March 15th 2019

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