Pray for Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a sovereign nation that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti in the Greater Antilles. The capital city of Santo Domingo and surrounding metropolitan areas are situated on the southern coast and are home to almost 3 million of Dominican Republic’s 10 million residents. Lush valleys, rugged mountain ranges, and many offshore islands and cays give this island country a diverse topography.

Kids Alive currently serves more than 2000 children in Dominican Republic; our Ark homes in Jarabacoa, Constanza, and Monte Plata house and care for children who are orphaned or abandoned and need a safe place to live, and our schools and care centres provide education, support, and Bible studies for local at-risk children in impoverished communities. 

Things to know about Dominican Republic:

·         Creole is the largest minority language, due to increased Haitian immigrant population.

·         57% of the population identify as Roman Catholic, and 23% as Protestant.

·         The dropout rate of secondary schools is an alarming 50%, and in some areas, 90%.

·         Two out of 10 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are or have been pregnant.

·         Almost 10% of all cocaine in the United States is smuggled through Dominican Republic.

·         Traditional Dominican treats include flan, dulce de leche, and caña (sugarcane).

Holidays Around the World:

July 1 – Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day)

Important Date of Awareness in July:

July 30 – World Day against Trafficking in Persons

How can I pray for Kids Alive Dominican Republic this month?

·         Week one: Effective selection process for new students in places where we only have space for one out of five applicants, all of whom live in extreme poverty

·         Week two: For God to use our Service Teams, interns, and other visitors to create awareness of, and love for, at-risk kids in DR

·         Week three: For the spiritual growth and stability of our 275 staff (90% of them Dominican nationals) pouring their lives out in service of over 2000 children

·         Week four: Effective discipleship of our university-age students, and our July “Independence Camp” which prepares them for the transition from our care to independent living

Posted on June 26th 2019

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