Urgent COVID-19 hunger appeal

The Coronavirus has combined with other tragic events to cause a major food problem for many of the children we serve, especially in Lebanon, Zambia and Kenya. We urgently need your help to reach them with emergency food supplies – both prayer and financial.

Here our staff are praying with a Syrian refugee family as we distribute food to them.
Here our staff are praying with a Syrian refugee family as we distribute food to them.

As you may have heard, there is a state of lockdown in just about all of the countries we work in. This has meant that we have been unable to feed many of the children we normally would have in our schools and care centres, usually the only food they get. Their families couldn’t afford to feed them before the pandemic, never mind when in a lockdown when they are unable to earn any wages.

We are urgently trying to reach them with food supplies to see them through the lockdown period. Your gift of £17.50 would feed a Syrian refugee family for a week - £70 for a month.

The perfect storms in Zambia, Kenya and Lebanon

In Zambia, the situation has been compounded by a drought-induced famine which has caused a food shortage and an increase in prices. In Kenya, plagues of locusts have devastated many harvests, resulting in more increased food prices – exasperated by the government imposing a 15% tax on just about all foods. And in Lebanon, an economic crisis has made life even more difficult for the many Syrian refugee children we serve, and their families.

“Many of the children’s families are really suffering. Their situation is so compounded – marginalised as refugees, under difficult economic circumstances, no rights, money running out, unable to pay rent, unable to go out and work, going hungry, kids home struggling to access the education we are providing online, afraid of catching the virus…” - Denise Dagher, Country Director, Kids Alive Lebanon

Help us to feed these families in need by praying and/or giving at this difficult time. £17.50 will feed a Syrian refugee family for a week.

Please pray for the children we serve and their families. Download our prayer sheet, which provides a useful summary of the specific needs caused by the pandemic, broken down by country. Could you please take this with you to your house groups and church meetings and pray through the specific points?

Thank you for your continued and wonderful support, we are very grateful for you and the many passionate supporters we are so blessed to have.

God bless you

Posted by Tim Hunt on June 15th 2020

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