Oneisphorus Children’s Home

Onesiphorus Children’s Home in Taitung is the second oldest of all of our sites, where our five-acre campus provides care for 60 children who were either abandoned or orphaned, often due to disability. In each family-style home, house parents patiently attend to the needs of 8-12 children.

We provide our children with quality education, medical care, nutritious food, and the good news

of the Gospel. In addition, the kids have access to a chapel, library, computer lab, pool, and sports facilities, helping to engage bodies, minds, and souls. An auditorium and office space are also on site.

It is a wonderful place where God clearly is at work with the children who we serve there.

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Oneisphorus Children’s Home: A story of hope

Chen-Jui’s story*

We recently heard from a man who was Onesiphorus Home’s last polio victim. Even though he ran away often, he always returned. He greatly benefitted from the medical care and other support at Onesiphorus and today is a gifted athlete, competing internationally in basketball wheelchair races and other sporting events.

Chen-Jui is now married and has a daughter and shared, “I’m so glad you taught me how to type. I’m still using it all the time, and it is a very practical skill to have. Thanks for all that you have taught me.”

* name changed to protect privacy

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