House of Glory

House of Glory is a shelter for teenage girls and their babies who have been victims of domestic violence resulting in pregnancy. Girls come into our home as young as 13 years of age, pregnant from rape or incest, and suffering family breakdown in a culture of poverty, drug abuse and crime.

These girls are given a loving home and help with important prenatal care. As they make decisions about whether to keep their babies or give them up for adoption, we offer support and encouragement. We also provide post-natal care as well as training in parenting skills for those girls who decide to keep their babies. Some of the girls stay with us until they can be safely reunited with their family, and others remain here until they turn 18.

Since June of 2009, we have had the privilege of sheltering 37 teenage mothers and caring for 28 infants. We have intentionally kept the number of girls and babies in the home to a maximum of 12, which better enables the staff to work personally with each girl.  While in the home, the girls continue their education either through home schooling or attendance at the local public school. They also receive vocational training through formal classes at a barber school or cooking school, as well as informal classes taught in the home by volunteers. Our goal is to provide them with a practical skill to generate income once they leave the home.
As we care for their physical and emotional needs, we realize that the most important thing we can offer these girls and their babies is the good news of the Gospel, helping them understand how much Jesus loves them. We rejoice that most of the girls receive Christ as their Saviour and become, with their children, baptized, functioning, and growing members of the local church.

Orchard Children’s Home

A place for bright futures to begin!

More than half of the population of Peru exist on less than $2 a day, leaving hundreds of thousands of children desperately in need of care and destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. And it leaves countless kids in danger of child predators.

In the surrounding region of Pucallpa there is only one government-run children’s home serving a population of more than half a million people. And among this population, many children suffer from severe mental and physical disabilities or sexual abuse – needs that are difficult to address in the current environment.

The newly-opened Orchard Children’s Home consists of family-style homes led by loving house parents. Each home cares for eight children as well as offering a quality education focused on preparing for independence, all with a Christian emphasis. Our goal is to provide residential care for 40 children at this home.

Our current projects include:

  • Constructing a third house on site
  • Drilling a new well
  • Purchasing some form of transportation

Kids Alive is setting a new standard in residential care!

Psalm 68:6 declares, “God sets the lonely in families…” Kids Alive International is committed to rescuing vulnerable children and setting them in families — not in impersonal orphanages or sterile dormitories, but in family-style homes where  they are loved and nurtured by Christian house parents and grow up as sisters and brothers.

A new playground for the children in Peru....
A new playground for the children in Peru....

The Juniper Tree Children's Home

On the outskirts of the capital city of Lima, Juniper Tree Children’s Home in Pachacamac is made up of individual family-style homes where house parents provide for over 20 at-risk kids. These loving care givers serve as role models and look after the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of each child.

Each “family” at the Children's Home consists of a house father and a house mother and 6-8 children. Family is the essence of what the Children's Home is all about, as the house parents provide a loving, healthy, and Christ-centered environment for these children who have lost their own families. It is our hope that as the children grow in this environment they will come to find everlasting hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As they receive healing through their relationship with their heavenly Father, we hope and pray that they will someday move on as adults to impact their communities for Christ.

Many children from Juniper Tree continue their education in some way after leaving us, including university and trade schools. Several of our young men help lead worship in their local churches, sharing the Gospel in some of the poorest areas of the city. And because they are thankful for the opportunities given to them while living in our home, many of our graduates have expressed a strong desire to work with at-risk children in the future.

Why not contact us if serving God through ministering to children is something you want to know more about!

Manchay Oasis School and Care Centre

The Manchay Oasis Care Center was started in 2003 to help the many desperately poor mothers living in Manchay, a desert town on the outskirts of Lima. Victims of extreme poverty, little children here are often malnourished and often left alone while their single mom tries to earn enough to provide for her family.

The number of needy children coming to the Oasis Center for help continues to grow each year. A large percentage of these kids come for our preschool program where they receive two meals a day, hear important Bible lessons, and learn early childhood skills. Older children come either before or after school and receive a meal, hear the Gospel, and get help with their homework.

Many in this city live in one- or two-room cardboard or tin shacks with dirt floors and no electricity, running water, or sanitation. Our focus is providing children with a quality education, meeting their physical, emotional, and social needs, and sharing with them the love of Christ. Our Kindergarten for preschool children ensures that young children get to learn important early childhood skills. A Homework Club provides children with additional educational support as well as a nutritious meal, health care, counseling, devotions, and discipleship. Our Keeping Families Together program in Manchay provides single mothers with training and support in developing a small business.

We also provide basic health care for all of our children. This and other programs allow us to help at-risk kids while also addressing family needs and building strong communities.

Mission TEC Care Centre

The Mission TEC Care Centre has deep roots in the community. Started 36 years ago, the early ministry provided technical training and Christian discipleship to young adults to help them break the cycle of poverty while introducing them to Jesus.

In 2005 the Care Centre began a girls’ club program for nine girls in the community of San José. Since then, the numbers have swelled to over 200 kids, ages 7-17, coming weekly for tutoring, playtime, sports, and Bible study. Because of many teen pregnancies, and the pressure for kids to drop out of school and work to provide for their family, children in the community suffer from malnutrition, lack of education, and crippling poverty.

Kids Alive hopes to change these children’s lives through the Care Centre. Working with the current missionaries and staff, we hope to expand the program to provide a nutritious meal for each child as well as more after-school programs in order to rescue more children in San José and in the surrounding communities.

The Care Centre is located in a jungle community in Peru where there is extreme poverty and many vulnerable children in need of help. More than 350 children currently attend the program, where they receive help with their homework and take part in sports, youth clubs, and other activities. A key focus of the program is introducing children to Jesus. The Care Center has a thriving AWANA ministry that includes many children from the community. This is a great location for service teams and missionaries to come and share their skills!

Many of our graduates have pursued technical careers and are professionals today in and around Pucallpa, Peru. But our greatest joy has been spreading the Christian faith in the community and seeing our graduates lead Godly lives.

Friends of Peru Children's Home and Care Centre

Most children in the outlying villages only have access to primary school, if any school at all, so many are functionally illiterate. Some travel hours each day to get back and forth from school, and in some cases, children must spend weekdays in the city by themselves in rented rooms or with family contacts, opening them up to dangerous and abusive situations. During planting and harvesting seasons, many skip school for weeks because they are expected to help their families with crops. And girls are often not registered in school because marrying early and having a family are considered a higher priority.

In 2009, the Friends of Peru Children’s Home and Care Centre officially joined the ministry of Kids Alive. This ministry opened to help poor, abused, and abandoned children and those who lived too far from a school. Currently the Home and Care Centre offers needy kids shelter, nutritious food, clothing, education help, and basic job skill training.

A key goal is sharing the good news of Jesus and discipling children who make commitments to follow Him. Other children from the community also come to the center each day for nutritious meals, educational support, and skills training. Additionally, a Bible Club is held for 100 more local children each week, and support is provided in various ways to needy women in the community.

With every service offered or resource shared, the staff at Friends of Peru seeks to be the hands and feet of Jesus, reaching out to each at-risk child in Andahuaylas needing love and support. Their needs are many, and we are privileged to be part of showing them the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.

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