Kids Alive Romania is committed to providing at-risk children with long-term care that meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We want to see each child in our programme grow up in a loving home and become independent, responsible, well-trained citizens that are able to serve their own country and be a role model in Romanian society. We seek to accomplish this through the work of the House of Hope Children's Home, and the Denisa Care Centre.

House of Hope Children's Home

The vision for the Romania Children’s Home came from a Romanian woman, Camelia Cismaru, who witnessed the extreme neglect and abandonment of Romanian orphans in loveless state institutions. For three years, Camelia’s family opened their home to four babies, before a larger house was built. This is now home to ten children and provides a family-style setting where house parents live with the children 24/7 and where the children are involved in all aspects of living in a family-type home.

Denisa Care Centre

In 2007 Kids Alive Romania opened the Denisa Care Centre for fifty illiterate and impoverished children. The children spend four hours every day at the Centre. We help them with their studies and provide clothing, school supplies and a nutritious snack. We help them to develop physically, educationally and spiritually, as well as impact their families, the community, and the Romanian educational system in the area. Our work is vital because most parents have had no education and are not able to help their children.

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