Norton-sub-Hamdon C of E Primary School, Somerset
Norton-sub-Hamdon Primary School has done an amazing job in raising funds for our work in Kenya. The money raised by the children has been used primarily to support the work of the Mitaboni Children's Home in caring for children and purchasing a cow. The children have organised and held a number of creative fundraising events, and their enthusiasm and willingness to help needy children in Kenya is fantastic!

Holly Trees Primary School, Brentwood, Essex
Holly Trees Primary School works with Hope for Kids to support Hall Mead School at the Karundas Children's Centre in Kenya. By organising several fundraising events, such as a recent talent show, the children and staff have made a huge difference by helping to provide an school uniforms, books and classroom equipment to hundreds of children from this extremely impoverished Kenyan community. One of the staff members from Holly Trees School has even visited Hall Mead School to encourage our staff and children!

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