South Sudan Projects

It may be the world’s youngest country, but South Sudan is also one of the poorest and most volatile, with the effects of civil war still ongoing. Kids are the most vulnerable, at risk for forced labour, recruitment into combat, malnutrition, sexual exploitation, and much more.

Infant mortality in South Sudan is the highest in the world. The poverty and conflict have left many children in the region orphaned and without access to an education. In South Sudan, only 20% of children attend school and over 90% of girls are illiterate.

The plight of children here is devastating and the needs overwhelming.

Our projects in South Sudan care for at-risk children who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. Whether orphaned or abandoned, they have all been through devastating experiences that have left them scarred in many ways, and we are privileged to help them begin to heal.

Our Good Shepherd Home provides a safe place to live, nutritious meals, and an education that is critical to breaking the cycles of poverty and violence plaguing the region.

In addition to meeting immediate needs, we realize our responsibility to prepare these boys for eventual independence. We work hard to show them their potential and value, teaching them important vocational skills that will benefit them as they become integral parts of their communities.

We also offer programmes that support non-residential children, including outreach to incarcerated youth and provision of milk for starving babies in the nearby UN compound.

The needs in this country is tremendous, but we trust that the seeds of hope and faith we are planting will grow into a fruitful harvest, bringing desperately needed peace and hope to the children of South Sudan.

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