Taiwan Projects

We have been working in Taiwan since 1971. A small island nation with a population of 23 million, the country is quite prosperous, yet many children are left unwanted because of disability or unstable families. Most of the population is either Buddhist or Taoist, with only a tiny minority identifying as Christian.

In our two homes we offer abandoned orphaned children a place to live, where they are safe, loved, and accepted. Many of them need to heal from physical or emotional trauma, and we offer them tools and support to begin that healing (many have been abandoned due to disability).

Our Anderson Graduate Ministry extends care for adult graduates with physical challenges and assists the transition into independent adulthood.

Hopelessness is a common theme for children who have been abandoned or neglected because of disabilities or abuse. We are thankful to be part of offering them hope through education, safety, skills, and the love of Jesus, the true source of our hope. There is much work to be done in Taiwan, and we patiently plant seeds in young heart and lives, looking forward to a great harvest of faith.

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