South Sudan

Independence, Hope... and the Reality as described by some latest news

In July 2011, South Sudan became an independent nation. After years of civil war, the people of South Sudan hoped for a new beginning and a better future. But the reality is very different. The world's youngest country is also one of the poorest. 90 per cent of the population lives on less than 60 pence a day. The country has been - and continues to be - rocked by ethnic violence. The poverty is shocking.

Late in 2015, violence flared up in the form of an increasingly ugly conflict between Dinka and Nuer, but also with an increase in general lawlessness as well. The nation seems to be moving towards subtle and not-so-subtle ethnic cleansing. The aim now for many is just to survive. For some, that has meant fleeing to neighbouring countries or becoming 'internally displaced' within the country. Farmers in some areas are too afraid or unable to grow crops. Food prices are astronomical. A man-made famine started making headline news in the UK in early 2016. Join us in praying that the ‘international community’ can be effective in brokering a peace in this youngest nation. 

Hope for Kids

Hope for Kids, along with our partners, Kids Alive International, work in Wau, a town where there are an estimated 1,000 orphans and abandoned children living on the streets. These children have no shelter and are at risk from physical and sexual abuse, lack of food, adequate clothing and medical care, alcohol and substance abuse, and even imprisonment. The life of a street-child is a never-ending battle just to survive. And, tragically, the number of children forced to live on the streets is continuing to grow.

A home for street children

The original Good Shepherd Children’s Home in the town of Wau was in a rented property, founded in response to the needs of street children who were desperate to leave a life on the streets, but simply had no place to go. Kids Alive International purchased land near the edge of the town, and generous donations allowed a larger, purpose-built, home to be constructed, providing a stable, family environment for 32 boys to live and grow. The boys are cared for by committed staff members. The children all attend school and are involved in the local church. In addition, as at mid-2016, Kids Alive South Sudan helps support nearly 90 community kids by providing otherwise unaffordable uniforms and books to go to school.


Rafael (pictured right) is one of our boys. Abandoned to the streets at the age of seven, he was hungry, abused and afraid. Now, in our Home, we have seen great changes in his life. He is happy, doing well in school, and loves attending church and Sunday School. But there are many more kids like Rafael that urgently need our help. Please partner with us to give hope and a future to them too!

You can help us  provide vital help by making a donation. This can be done by sending us a cheque made out to “Hope for Kids International”, or through our secure online donation system.

Every donation, big or small, will be used to make a difference in the life of a child. Thank you for your support!

Click here for a former Hope for Kids' Trustee's account of his 2011 visit to South Sudan.

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