Sponsor a child

Supporting a child for just £24 a month will help change their life (and possibly yours too!). You’ll get to know your child, hear about their progress in school, and find out their hopes for the future.

  • Write to your child and receive letters back from them
  • We will send you updates about your child, including how they’re doing at school
  • Contribute to special “Treat Funds” at Christmas and birthdays
  • Pray for your child and ask them to pray for you

Just complete the form below and we will quickly get back to you with information about a suitable child. In the meantime, set up a standing order here.

Why sponsor?

1.Meet a child’s basic needs. Sponsoring a child enables us to meet their most important needs – food, education, health monitoring, individual attention, and above all, lots of love!

2.Make them feel special. Many of our children have been badly neglected in the past. To have someone from a different country specifically choose and engage with them, has a massive impact on their levels of self-worth.

3.Develop a meaningful relationship. By interacting with your sponsored child through letters and emails, you can develop a meaningful relationship. And you can teach any children you may have in your life about the importance of sharing with other children who are in desperate need.

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me." Mark 9:37 (NIV)

Sponsor a Child

We will always respect your communication preferences and you can change the way you would like to hear from us at any time, by emailing info@hopeforkids.co.uk or telephone 020 3906 7644. You can view our Privacy Policy here


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our child sponsorship programme. If you would like any further information, please email us or call 020 3906 7644.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost to sponsor a child is £24 a month. If you can not afford this, please consider our Site sponsorship scheme or just contribute a regular donation each month to our work.

What does my sponsored child receive

  • Nourishing food
  • Shoes and clothing
  • Basic medical care
  • Education
  • A family-style home for those who are in residential care
  • Individual attention and lots of love!

Where does my money go?

Your money goes directly to the project that your child is part of, less a 15-20% admin charge which we would usually apply.

May I send money or a gift directly to my sponsored child?

No, our offices overseas are not equipped to handle funds sent from sponsors and can’t issue receipts. Gifts can be problematic, as it can cause difficulties with the other children, not to mention the cost and unreliability of the post. However, you can contribute towards a 'treat fund', whereby your extra donation will be pooled with other supporters' treat fund donations and our team will ensure that all of the children in that project get a treat, such as a trip away. Just make a donation in the usual way and specify that you would like it to be used for your child's treat fund.

What do I receive as a child sponsor?

As a child sponsor, you will receive:

  • Welcome card listing child’s favourite activities, foods, etc
  • Introduction to sponsorship and your child’s community/ministry site
  • Ongoing communications that support your connection to your child’s community/ministry site
  • Access to manage your sponsorship account online
  • Option to write or email your child
  • Opportunity to give a special “Christmas treat fund” gift to your sponsored child each year
  • Annual progress report about your child and their community/ministry site
  • Communications directly from your sponsored child twice a year
  • Newsletters to learn more about the challenges facing children and what we are doing to help
  • Closure communication when it’s time to celebrate your sponsored child’s departure from the ministry programme

Can I write or email directly to my child?

Yes, but it must come through the UK office at Phoenix Yard, 69 Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X 9LN, or email at info@hopeforkids.co.uk. Please bear in mind that post can take a LONG time to arrive with the child, especially in our more remote project areas.

Are my letters really important?

An alumnus of our home in Lebanon wrote: “At such a young age, I did not really understand what sponsorship meant. It did not occur to me that every month they were sending money to help care for me at the children’s home. All that mattered was that I had an adopted family who cared enough to write, encourage, and pray for me…If there was someone out there who loved me, then I was worthy of love; and if worthy of love, then worthy of God’s love!”

Your letters are important!

What should I write about? Is there anything I shouldn’t write about?

Our children enjoy reading and learning all about their sponsors and their families! Describe your family, your pets, your hobbies, and the type of work you do. Share any special family traditions and how you celebrate special occasions and holidays. Talk about important events in your life and some of your childhood memories. Write some of your favourite Bible verses or stories. Be sure to let your sponsored child know you are praying for them regularly. Be encouraging! Let your child know that God loves them and has a great plan for them. Encourage your child to write back and/or draw pictures for you.

Please be sensitive to the child’s economic situation and avoid discussing the material aspects of your life or sending photos that show your possessions. Please also do not share your home address, email address, or telephone number. Be careful not to use colloquialisms and slang or talk negatively about political leaders/issues. It is very important that you do not suggest that your child comes for a visit or that you will send a particular gift.

Though seldom necessary, we do reserve the right to edit sponsor-to-child communication for age appropriateness, cultural sensitivities, or situations which could be painful for a particular child. It may be necessary on occasion to edit some phrases or idioms that do not translate exactly or could be misunderstood.

What happens if the child I’m sponsoring leaves the Kids Alive programme?

Although we strive to care for all sponsored children in our programmes as long as they are eligible, sometimes the children leave, and reasons can vary. Some are part of migrant working families who are forced to relocate, some have parents who separate or remarry and discontinue their participation

In the event that your sponsored child departs from the programme, you will be notified through a personal letter. And at that time, you’ll be invited to sponsor another waiting child, from the same project and/or country whenever possible. We know that the connection to your sponsored child is precious, so we want to handle this reassignment process as sensitively as possible.

Will I be the only sponsor for my child?

Because of the range of comprehensive, holistic care that is unique to our sponsorship programme, and because of our desire to keep monthly sponsorship affordable, more than one sponsor per child is typically needed. 

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