The Boys’ Hope Centre

Two civil wars in Sudan have left millions dead and displaced. Children are the primary victims of the conflict, with disastrous consequences for their health, education, and safety.

The Boys Hope Centre is located on the edge of Sudan's capital city, Khartoum. It offers nearly 30 of the region’s most vulnerable children a safe place to live after being orphaned, abandoned, or rescued off the streets.

In our home, we provide the boys with a good education, giving them a chance to break endemic cycles of poverty and violence. We also work hard to reintegrate some of the boys with their families, when it is safe to do so, providing both the families and the child with advice and mentoring to do so.

Our programme includes providing the children with a quality academic or vocational education - some of our boys have recently gone on to study at university!

The boys in the Home are actively involved in the local church, many of them participating in Sunday School, prayer meetings, choir and drama groups.

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The Boys’ Hope Centre: A story of hope

Ahmed’s* story

Ahmed’s* story is a familiar one in Sudan. He is one of five children and lived in poverty with his family. At some point, his father left and they never saw him again, leaving his mother to shoulder the burden of providing for the children. 

It soon became clear that their situation was desperate and Ahmed came to the Boys’ Hope Centre. In our care he was able to have a safe place to live, nourishing meals, and a quality education. He also learned life skills, personal responsibility, and character building.

We rejoice that Ahmed has accepted Jesus as his  Saviour and is attending church regularly. He often says that he would be hopeless and homeless without the intervention of Kids Alive and is very thankful to have been given a second chance.

Some of his favourite things have been learning to play the piano, participating in football games, and gaining computer skills. We are grateful for the chance to give Ahmed tools that will help him to walk confidently into adulthood, serving his family and community to the glory of God.

* name changed to protect privacy

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