The Dawei Care Centre

The city of Dawei struggles under the weight of extreme poverty, violence against women and girls, and substance abuse. Many births are never reported, causing life-long identity and legal problems for children.

Our Dawei Care Centre breaks through this darkness by helping 75 precious but very vulnerable kids. Our eight staff members are committed to these children, offering academic help and attending to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. As with all of our care centres, this is done in after school hours, providing crucial additional support without which many would simply drop out of the education system.

We provide nutritious food, help with school uniforms, assistance with general life skills, basic medical care, and above all lots of love. In a country where it is forbidden to convert to another religion, we reflect God’s love for these vulnerable children through our actions and care.

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The Dawei Care Centre: A story of hope

Meet Cho*

Cho’s* story is like many we encounter in Myanmar, with a background of poverty and hopelessness. He is the only son in his family and has four sisters. Though his father works as a carpenter, it is hard for him to find consistent work that will provide for the needs of a large family.

Due to a lack of resources, the children didn’t get enough food to eat, which led to serious malnourishment.

Cho wasn’t strong enough to stand or walk until age four and he didn’t speak clearly until age six. Even after he began to speak, he stuttered and was nervous to be around other children. It’s heart-breaking to see the devastating results of chronic hunger.

But what a difference we have seen in Cho since coming to the Dawei Care Center! His health has dramatically improved through good nutrition and medical care, he now speaks and writes well, and is beginning to feel more confidence in his social interaction. Cho is regularly attending our Sunday school program where he first heard the name “Jesus.” In addition to his academic and physical improvements, his character is an example to those around him, as he is obedient, honest, and hard working. Our prayers for Cho are that he will one day accept Jesus as his Saviour, that he will be a faithful son to his parents, and that he will continue to excel in his academic pursuits. What a gift to see a young life transformed!

* name changed to protect privacy

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