The Denisa Care Centre

Denisa Care Centre serves 45-50 very needy and very vulnerable kids from the village of Dobrun, many of whom live in poverty and/or have been abandoned or neglected in some way. Most of them are enrolled in public school but need extra help because their parents have had little to no education themselves and are unable to help.

Our well-trained teachers supplement the children’s education, and our psychologist is available every day for counselling. Because of their poverty, many of these kids don’t get to experience life skills-based extracurricular activities, so we provide opportunities for field trips, sports, and clubs. We hold Christmas, Easter and birthday parties, and we provide exposure to vocational activities that will benefit them as they approach adulthood.

Many of the children are able to go on to university or college and it is always a pleasure to hear about those who have managed to secure stable and respected jobs.

The Denisa Care Center impacts the lives of many - influencing families, the community, the educational system, and Romanian society in general. We continue in our mission to care for the whole child, meeting the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each one and guiding them toward independence.

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The Denisa Care Centre: A story of hope

Meet Ana!*

Though we encounter many orphans in our work in Romania, many of the children we serve live at home in unstable circumstances. Ana* is a shy girl whose home situation is one of the most difficult in our programme. The family lives in extreme deprivation, and she was often left unsupervised.

When we recently visited her home, we took some clothes we had collected from concerned friends, and the poverty we encountered was overwhelming.

We are thankful that Ana is enrolled in our programme. She receives academic help, much-needed nutritious food, and the attention she needs to grow into a confident, successful young lady. She loves coming to the centre and expressed sadness that she would not be able to attend each day during the recent holiday break.

This girl has so much potential and we are trusting God to help her break free of the painful dysfunction and poverty that are a part of her life.

* name changed to protect privacy

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