South Sudan

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home

It is estimated that over 1,000 abandoned children live on the streets in Wau, a poor town in the mid-west of South Sudan. These children are extremely vulnerable, especially to forced labour, physical and sexual abuse, as well as alcohol and substance abuse.

The Good Shepherd Home in Wau is a haven for orphaned or abandoned boys who would otherwise be living on the streets, vulnerable to such exploitation and lives of crime. We have 34 boys in our home, where we provide healthy food, emotional support, education, and an experience of belonging and Christian mentorship.

The boys are cared for by our committed staff and all attend school, as well as being involved in the local church.

The project also supports up to 100 other children in the community by providing them with school uniforms, without which they would not be able to get into the local school.

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The Good Shepherd Children’s Home: A story of hope

Meet Jacob*

Jacob has 4 sisters and a brother. But when his father suddenly abandoned the family, his mother struggled to cope. Desperate to keep them off the streets, she came to us and asked if we could help her with Jacob, which we did.

Ever since then, Jacob has thrived at The Good Shepherd Children Home. Not only is he doing well at school but he has also learnt a number of life skills, including how to care for himself much better, as well as learning some Arabic – and above all, learning how to play football.

We are very proud of Jacob and are very much looking forward to seeing what God has in store for him as he continues to thrive.

*Name changed to protect identity

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