The Mongu Kids Alive Academy

Set in the rural village of Katongo, near Mongu, The Kids Alive Academy provides an education, food and hope to nearly 600 of the region’s most vulnerable children. Many have ether been orphaned or abandoned due to the terrible AIDS epidemic.

Our aim is for students to leave the Academy with good character, core knowledge, and spiritual maturity, equipped to become leaders in their families and communities.

Our curriculum goes up to Year 7 and covers maths, science, language, social studies, technology, art, and Bible studies. Physical education and home economics help develop well-rounded, healthy students.

In addition to academics, we serve a healthy lunch, often the only meal of the day for our kids in extreme poverty. This crucially encourages them to come to school and means there is less chance of them being forced to go to work.

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Mongu Kids Alive Academy: A story of hope

Ruth* is the youngest in her family, born when her older siblings were adults. Her father died when she was just two years old, and she now lives with her older sister and aging mother. Like so many families here, they live in extreme poverty, and their only income is from selling vegetables in a small market.

When Ruth was five years old, her mother tried to enroll her in a local public school but was denied a spot for her daughter. Then they found out about Kids Alive Academy where she was accepted. Ruth is now one of the best students in her class. She takes her education very seriously and aspires to become a teacher someday.

When Ruth isn’t working on homework, you can find her reading novels that she borrows from her teachers. We are thankful to have this sweet young lady in our school and pray for God to use her in mighty ways for her family and community.

* name changed to protect privacy

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