Weekly Prayer Guide

Pray each day for some of the issues facing orphans and vulnerable children worldwide:

MONDAY - Lamentations 2:11: Ask God for forgiveness for the way that we have often failed to care for children, and that, as a result, so many are homeless, exploited and abused. Pray that God will call Christians to share His love and the good news of the Gospel with these children.

TUESDAY - Psalm 113:7: Thank God for Christians who work with children at risk. Ask Him to encourage, strengthen and protect them.

WEDNESDAY - Psalm 68:5-6: Pray for families, that God would protect and keep them together. Pray for children who have been orphaned, that they would know that they can have a Heavenly Father who loves them and who will never leave them or forsake them. Ask God to heal those who suffer with feelings of rejection and loss.

THURSDAY - Proverbs 2:6: Pray for schools and educational projects working with orphans and vulnerable children - for support from local governments and for finance. Pray for teachers that they would have faith, wisdom and strength, and confidence in the ‘call of God’ on their lives to teach.

FRIDAY - Jeremiah 22:3: Pray for children who are exploited in the workplace. Pray for their safety and for legislation to rescue and protect them. Pray for healing and restoration of childhood for those children who have had this taken away from them and do not know what it is to play.

SATURDAY - Isaiah 58:6-7: Pray for children that are hungry and sick. Pray for those who reach out to orphans and vulnerable children with food and health programmes. Pray for debt relief and fair trade practices to release resources to fight hunger and sickness.

SUNDAY - Isaiah 1:17: Pray God would show us what we should be doing to tackle issues of poverty and injustice. Pray for individuals and churches to step up and “seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow”.

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