Chikondi Children's Homes, Lusaka

Our two Chikondi Children’s Homes, located in the capital city of Lusaka, were opened to help respond to the huge numbers of children being orphaned as a result of the AIDS crisis. In each home we care for 12 children who have been orphaned or abandoned. The children receive nutritious meals, a quality education, and medical attention. Most importantly, each child learns about the love of Christ.

The homes were originally located in rented facilities, but we constructed the new Children’s Village in 2013 and took in our first boys. We will eventually have up to four homes on land we have purchased at the edge of the city.

In 2016 we started raising chickens, and the profits from selling them help us to be more self-sustaining in the village. We have two wells for water, including one that has a hand pump in case of a power outage. And in our shop, we sell the chickens, vegetables, excess electricity, and other household utilities to support our program. All of these allow us to provide for the kids’ current needs while giving them hope for a brighter future.

Lilato Children's Homes

Since 2002, five different Kids Alive children’s homes have been established in Mongu, a remote village in western Zambia that has been devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We began the construction of our Children’s Village in 2009, and there are currently three children’s homes, a central hall, and kitchen.

Eventually we plan to have six homes on this site, each housing about sixteen children who are lovingly cared for by our committed staff. As in every Kids Alive home, each child has a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, good health care and medical attention, and each one learns daily about the love of Christ. Most of the children at our homes attend local government schools. In addition to the homes at the Children’s Village, we have a fourth home in another part of the village for our youngest children, many of whom were abandoned as babies.

One of our site projects, the vegetable garden at Lilato, has seen encouraging growth as a result of partnership with the American Embassy and the community in Mongu. The garden is an effective way to increase our ability to feed children as well as to network and build relationships with local leaders and villagers.

Kids Alive Academy

The Kids Alive Academy is located close to Katongo Village, near Mongu, Zambia. The original school was opened in May 2003 under the direction of a local man who had a calling to help orphaned and vulnerable children in the community. Like many areas of Zambia, this region has been devastated by the AIDS epidemic, which has left many children without resources or the opportunity to receive an education.

At the beginning of 2013, the school moved to a new location nearby where four new classrooms have been constructed. We plan to build five more classrooms and a vocational center in the coming years. More than 400 children attend the school each day, and we are working to continue development of the curriculum programs.

Classes include English, mathematics, science, and Bible, taught to students from grades one through seven. In addition, children receive a lunchtime meal, and for many of them this is the only food they will eat each day.

Kids Alive is committed to making sure each child hears about the good news of Jesus’ love for them, and this is our most important mission.

Misisi Keeping Families Together

Misisi is known as the worst, most neglected slum in Lusaka. With one hundred thousand inhabitants and no public schools, police stations, or health clinics, conditions here create widespread hopelessness. Lack of proper hygiene, coupled with the devastating HIV/AIDS problem in the country, leave thousands of kids orphaned, hungry, and in danger of being abused by child predators.

Some of these orphans have a grandparent or other relative that tries to care for them, even though many of them are barely able to care for themselves. But even this is not always an option; tragically, more than one thousand children in Misisi live in “child-headed families,” made up of orphaned brothers and sisters who depend only on each other for survival.

Our Keeping Families Together program in Misisi provides a daily meal, medical care, clothing, supplies needed for school attendance, daily tutoring, devotions, and emotional encouragement to more than 25 children. Many of these kids have family members who love them and want to care for them, but who can’t supply even the basics of life without help.

We are encouraged to see the positive changes in Misisi children as a result of this unique program. School attendance in this group has improved, academic attainment is much higher, and the children have grown in confidence and self-esteem. They and their families are coming to trust and appreciate the Kids Alive support that offers them tangible help as they survive difficult circumstances and navigate the road to successful futures.

Best of all, our reach in the community has expanded as a result of KFT, creating new inroads for the Gospel – the only lasting hope for the families of Misisi.

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